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Dr. Nelson is Taking House Calls for Especially Vulnerable Patients

August 3, 2020
Posted By: Blake Nelson

Did you know that Dr. Nelson has worked extensively with assisted living facilities and nursing homes?

In the past, Dr. Nelson has visited to assisted living facilities and nursing homes to provide dental care to patients who are unable to travel to the dental office.  Dr. Nelson would complete exams, provide palliative dental care, and make dentures and partial dentures for patients from the comfort of their own residence.  Now, Dr. Nelson can use these same skills to visit you or your loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic.

House Calls for Patients Who are the Most Vulnerable to COVID-19

Some patients are understandably fearful of going to the dentist due to predisposing health conditions or advanced age.  For most of these patients, it is okay to defer their periodic cleaning and examination visit until after the pandemic has subsided.  However, patients with symptoms, such as painful teeth or uncomfortable dentures may want to be seen sooner, but are nervous about leaving their homes.  Dr. Nelson can offer a solution: house calls.

What dental work can be done?

Though there are some limitations to the type of dentistry that can be completed from a patient's home, Dr. Nelson is able to perform the following procedures:

  • Dental examination to assess the problem area
  • Palliative treatment to improve comfort
    • Cavity-arresting medication
    • Desensitizing medication
  • Denture work
    • Make new dentures
    • Adjust sore or loose dentures
  • Partial denture work
    • Add clasps or teeth to partial dentures
    • Adjust a sore or loose partial 

How can I schedule a dental house call with Dr. Nelson?

Call our office at (336)760-1277 to discuss if you or your loved one would be a good candidate for a dental house call.  


What patients are saying after a house call with Dr. Nelson

"The best experience I've ever had with a dentist was with Dr. Nelson!  My father, a home bound, 98 year old WWII vet, desperately needed his dentures adjusted and Dr. Nelson went over and above board in helping us out.  He was gracious enough to fix his dentures in my dad's home, thereby not having to go out in these scary pandemic days!  Dr. Nelson was more than eager to help, he was kind, thoughtful, very knowledgeable, extremely prompt, and a pleasure to meet.  I CANNOT recommend him enough!  GREAT DENTIST!!"

-Diann M


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