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What are some problems that could be caused by keeping my wisdom teeth?

Damage to nearby teeth: 

Impacted wisdom teeth can damage adjacent teeth by running into them as they attempt to come in your mouth. Bone can be lost around adjacent teeth which weakens the support those teeth have.

Changes to teeth alignment: 

When wisdom teeth erupt, they push into the adjacent teeth and can cause teeth to become crooked or maligned. For this reason, many orthodontists will recommend wisdom tooth removal shortly after braces treatment is completed. 

Cyst formation:

 Cysts can form around impacted wisdom teeth that are trapped in the bone or gums which can destroy teeth and jaw bone.

Gum disease in adjacent teeth: 

Gum disease (periodontal disease) can develop around the second molars due to impacted wisdom teeth because proper hygiene and cleaning cannot take place.

Infections (pericoronitis): 

Infections can develop around wisdom teeth. Infections can range from very minor that resolve on their own to very severe that require hospitalization and surgery.


Pain can develop if food debris or bacteria can access wisdom teeth sites.

Prone to cavities or gum disease in the future: 

Symptom-free (non-painful) wisdom teeth can still harbor disease or cause a major problem later in life. Wisdom teeth are the last tooth in the mouth and are exceedingly difficult to clean properly. As a result, these teeth are very prone to get cavities or gum disease in the future. 

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