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What type of treatment options are available for jaw pain?

Occlusal splint (night guard)

The most common treatment to begin with is an occlusal splint. This is a special type of night guard that you wear while sleeping. There are many different types and styles of splints that are designed for different causes of your pain. Once your doctor determines the appropriate type of splint for your issue, then they will take molds of your teeth so our local Winston-Salem dental lab can fabricate a custom splint.

Physical therapy

Many times physical therapy can help alleviate symptoms of TMD. Physical therapy can include stretching, exercise, and massages for the joint.

Occlusal Equilibration (Bite Adjustment)

Sometimes TMD symptoms are exacerbated by your teeth not fitting together appropriately. The doctor can make tiny, precise adjustments to your bite, known as an occlusal equilibration, which can help alleviate symptoms. 

Palliative Care (Preventive or Protective Care)

The doctor will discuss your history of symptoms and determine the best palliative or preventive care regimen for you. This can include stretching exercises, prescription medications (pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, or muscle relaxing medications), and avoidance of certain jaw movements. 

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