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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting

A dental bone graft is sometimes recommended after the removal of a tooth to preserve the surrounding bone.  The cost of a dental bone graft at our office is $368.  

There are several reasons your dentist may recommend a bone graft:

  • Preparation for a dental implant during tooth extraction
  • Restoration of bone from previous trauma to the teeth or jaws
  • Support of existing teeth and gum tissue

A bone graft will preserve natural bone and improve the success of your dental implant.

Preserve natural bone

Bone grafting can be a very valuable service if you have missing teeth, bone, or gum tissue.

Regenerate bone that has been lost 

The goal of any bone grafting procedure is to preserve your body's natural bone or regain bone that has been lost.

Support for Teeth, Implants, Gums, and Facial Appearance 

The bone of your jaws is very important, as these structures support your teeth, implants, gums, and facial appearance and enable your speaking and chewing functions.  

A dental bone graft is a simple procedure where a bone graft, in the form of a sand-like material, is gently added to your jaw in an area where bone is needed.  Your own cells recognize the bone graft and grow natural bone around the site.  There are many reasons your dentist may recommend a bone graft, including to preserve bone after a dental extraction or to prepare a site for a dental implant

Bone grafting may sound scary, but it's a simple procedure that only takes minutes 

Most bone grafting procedures are completed during the extraction of a tooth or during the placement of a dental implant. This simple, painless procedure often only takes a few extra minutes to place the bone graft material in the extraction site so that your body maintains the bone needed for you to function and smile.

Your own cells use the graft material to grow new, healthy bone

After the bone graft is placed, your cells will use the graft material to create new, healthy, living bone!

A bone graft will keep your tissues healthy and enable you to pursue tooth replacement options.

A way to preserve surrounding structures 

A bone graft or “socket preservation” is a simple procedure that can be performed to maintain the architecture of your natural bone. The process allows your body to rebuild bone to replace the lost tooth.

Improve outcomes with a replacement tooth 

Dr. Nelson is highly trained in different bone grafting procedures to ensure that you have the support to receive a dental implant or bridge in the future.  Placing a bone graft at the time of extraction is the easiest and most effective opportunity to preserve your bone and gum tissue.

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