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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Bridges

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Dental Bridges

Yes, our office has a digital scanner to take digital impressions

In the past, if you needed a dental impression (mold of your mouth) to make a dental crown, bridge, or assess your bite, it required taking a traditional impression.  This process involved goopy impression material and impression trays, and patients often disliked the experience for being messy, time-consuming, and causing gagging!  Now, we have a digital scanner for impressions.  For a digital impression, a small wand is used to scan the mouth and create a model of your teeth digitally.  Dr. Nelson and patients alike have loved the new technology as it is much more comfortable and accurate! 

A dental bridge that replaces one missing tooth costs $3774 and a dental bridge that replaces two adjacent missing teeth costs $5032.  To learn more about dental bridges, dental insurance, or payment plans, visit our service page.  

There are many dental bridge materials available. Drs. Benton and Nelson will choose the best option and strongest material for your mouth.

Beautiful tooth-colored materials (most popular):

Zirconia is the most popular material that will match the natural shade of your tooth perfectly. 

Gold (upon patient request): 

Gold can also be a treatment option for the back teeth if the patient requests it. 

A dental bridge is a type of dental treatment that permanently replaces a missing tooth or teeth that is very similar to a dental crown or "cap" that is designed to cover multiple teeth.  

Dental implants are an alternative to dental bridges 

Dental implants are another great alternative to replace missing teeth. Dr. Benton and Dr. Nelson will discuss which option they would recommend for your specific situation. They will help you decide the best treatment for your mouth and smile.

What are some advantages of dental bridges over implants?

Dental bridges are a faster treatment option: Dental bridges can be completed more quickly than implants in most cases. 

Some patients are not ideal candidates for dental implants. In situations where dental implants are contraindicated, a dental bridge is a better option. These patients include:

  • Younger patients (less than 21 years old) who are still growing
  • Patients who have had radiation or chemotherapy for oral cancer
  • Patients who have taken high-dose of bone drugs (bisphosphonates)

You can have your dental bridge in two simple visits. 

After you have decided on dental bridge treatment after consultation with Drs. Benton or Nelson, the process usually takes two appointments. 

First visit: 

Readying the mouth for a dental bridge. During the first appointment, the teeth on either side are prepared to accept the bridge. The areas will be numbed so you are very comfortable during the procedure and a mold will be made of the area. A temporary bridge will then be fabricated and fitted to your mouth so that you can smile and chew with confidence while your bridge is being made at a dental lab. A skilled dental technician will then fabricate a dental bridge based on photos, shades, models, and instructions from our office. 

Second visit: 

Permanently place the dental bridge in your mouth. You will return for a quick and easy appointment where the temporary bridge will be removed and the final permanent dental bridge will be cemented. You will have an opportunity to view the final bridge in your mouth before it is cemented. 

Excellent treatment option for missing teeth: 

Dental bridges have been in use for over 50 years, and are an excellent replacement option for missing teeth.

Permanent replacement of teeth: 

Dental bridges provide a “fixed” replacement for missing teeth. They stay in place during speaking, eating, and brushing.

Very esthetic: 

Dental bridges look and feel like natural teeth.

High-quality, strong materials: 

Dental bridges are made with zirconia, which is a high- quality, cosmetic material fabricated by master technicians right here in Winston-Salem.

Customized to your smile: 

The size, shape, and color of dental bridges are customized for your specific situation so you have a natural look and feel.

Please visit our page on dental bridges to learn more! 

If you have one or more missing teeth: 

You could benefit from a dental bridge if you have one or more missing teeth with a natural tooth or implant on each side.

If you desire a permanent replacement of the tooth: 

Dental bridges are permanent, meaning that they cannot be taken out like a partial denture can. 

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