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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Crowns

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Dental Crowns

At this time, Dr. Nelson prefers to have his crowns made at our local Winston-Salem Dental lab, as their crowns are extremely esthetic and have a perfect fit.  

Some dental offices make same-day crowns using an in-office milling machine.  One advantage of same-day crowns is it saves the patient a visit.  At this time, Dr. Nelson prefers to send all of his crowns to our Winston-Salem based dental laboratory.  Though patients will need an additional office visit, we've found our lab-made crowns have excellent craftsmanship and superior esthetics.  An expertly trained, highly skilled, and experienced dental laboratory technician will customize your crown for your mouth.  Though in-office milling machines can also make quality crowns, Dr. Nelson tells his patients that he would want a lab-made crown for his own mouth and would want the same for his patients!

Yes, our office has a digital scanner to take digital impressions

In the past, if you needed a dental impression (mold of your mouth) to make a dental crown, bridge, or assess your bite, it required taking a traditional impression.  This process involved goopy impression material and impression trays, and patients often disliked the experience for being messy, time-consuming, and causing gagging!  Now, we have a digital scanner for impressions.  For a digital impression, a small wand is used to scan the mouth and create a model of your teeth digitally.  Dr. Nelson and patients alike have loved the new technology as it is much more comfortable and accurate! 

The fee for a dental crown at our office is $1258.  For more information on crowns at our office, click the link here.  

What do crowns do for you as a patient? 

Crowns are predictable and reliable.

If Dr. Benton or Dr. Nelson recommend a crown for one of your teeth, that treatment option is the most predictable and longest-lasting choice for that tooth.

They are made from the strongest materials

Dental Crowns cover the entire chewing surface of the tooth with a very strong material that is highly resistant to fracture or chipping. This means you can enjoy your favorite foods without worry.

Our dental crowns are very esthetic. 

Dental crowns are also very esthetic and are indistinguishable from other natural teeth. They are also more resistant to staining which allows you to smile with confidence.

They feel just like your natural tooth. 

Dental crowns feel the same to your tongue and lips because they replicate the natural anatomy of your natural tooth.

Crowns are maintained just like your natural teeth. 

Brushing and flossing are performed in the same manner as with natural teeth.

Crown provide protection from future decay. 

The tooth is much more resistant to dental decay and cavities because the crown material cannot be decayed by bacteria.

Our office uses multiple techniques to help keep you at ease while in the dental chair. We will discuss all of our options with you thoroughly so you can choose the best treatment for you. 

We have the most effective, pain-free, and up-to-date numbing techniques.

 During any treatment, Drs. Nelson and Benton pride themselves on using state-of-the-art techniques to deliver painless numbing. We utilize the latest and most effective techniques for anesthesia. 

Calming nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available. 

For patients with anxiety, nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” will help eliminate nervousness and promote a more calm, tranquil state of mind. 

We offer sedation dentistry in Winston Salem 

Dr. Nelson is one of the only general dentists in the Winston-Salem and Piedmont Triad area who is trained and licensed in all forms of sedation dentistry. Patients are always given the option to choose dental sedation during their procedures to guarantee a stress-free experience. In fact, most patients say that going to the dentist was never easier and that they have no memory of the procedure at all!

A dental crown can be made of many different materials.  We will choose the most esthetic option for you.

We'll choose the best material for your mouth. There are many crown materials available. 

Beautiful tooth-colored materials are our most popular. 

There are tooth-colored crown materials, such as porcelain and zirconia, that will match the natural shade of your tooth perfectly.

Gold is also available (upon patient request). 

Gold can also be a treatment option for the back teeth if the patient requests it. Some gold restorations can last over 70 years!

A reliable procedure to protect your tooth

A dental crown is a "cap" that covers your tooth.  A dental crown can be recommended to repair a chipped, cracked, or decayed tooth.  A dental crown can also be used to correct a tooth's shape or shade.  Dental crowns are made to blend perfectly with your natural teeth.  

The dental crown process requires two visits.  During your first appointment, the tooth will be shaped to allow the crown to fit.  Then, an impression (mold of your mouth) will be made.  Our office takes digital impressions, meaning no mess and no more gagging!  Instead of using the traditional impression trays with impression material, a small wand is used to scan your mouth and create a digital impression.  After the impression, Dr. Nelson will choose the perfect shade to match your tooth and send all of the information to our dental lab where an esthetic, customized crown will be fabricated.  

During your second appointment, the crown will be cemented.  After making sure the crown fits and matches your adjacent teeth perfectly, Dr. Nelson will use adhesive to permanently attach the crown to your natural tooth.  Then, we will check your bite and make any needing adjustments to ensure everything feels perfect.  

Temporary or Permanent Crown Fell Out (Debonded)

Save the crown and pieces: 

If your crown falls out, save the crown or crown pieces. Even if they cannot be put back in, they can assist our office in making a temporary crown

Schedule with our Winston-Salem office ASAP: 

Make an appointment as quickly as possible. Teeth can shift in a matter of days which can cause the crown not to fit and require adjustment

We will try to glue your old crown back on: 

Our office will do everything in our power to recement or rebond the crown back on the tooth. This is the best-case scenario as it is quick and cheap. 

If your old crown is not salvageable, we will make a new one. 

Sometimes decay is present underneath the crown or the tooth has fractured underneath the crown. In these cases, Drs. Benton or Nelson will determine if a new crown has to be fabricated or if the tooth is savable. You will be presented with treatment options and will be able to decide the best course of treatment for you with recommendations from Drs. Benton or Nelson.

There are many reasons why a dental crown or "cap" may be an excellent treatment option for you. Crowns can be used to protect your tooth, to fix a problem (such as a chip or a cavity), or to improve the appearance of your tooth.

A protective cap for your tooth

A dental crown is a protective covering or “cap” that covers the entire tooth. Dental crowns can make teeth stronger and replace any missing tooth structure.  

Reasons your dentist may recommend a crown:

  • When a back tooth is cracked
  • When a tooth has large areas of decay or cavities
  • When a front tooth has a large chip in it
  • To protect a tooth after root canal treatment
  • To improve the shape or shade of your tooth

Please visit our page on dental crowns to learn more!

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