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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dentures

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They're a reliable option to replace missing teeth. 

Dentures can benefit patients who have lost teeth over the years due to many different factors. The great news is that dentures are a great option to replace teeth, bone, and gum tissue that have been lost over the years. 

You can take back your ability to talk, eat, and smile. 

Losing teeth can affect your ability to talk, eat your favorite foods, and change the appearance of your face but the good news is that dentures can be the solution!

Everything can be customized. It is important for all of these elements to be precisely customized for you because every mouth, tooth, and face is unique!

  • Tooth color or shade
  • Tooth shape (length and width)
  • Tooth size
  • Tooth position or alignment

Please visit our page on dentures to learn more!

We take time to listen to your desires to make the most esthetic denture with the best lab technicians

Top lab technicians here in Winston-Salem:

Our office uses an excellent, Winston-Salem based dental lab with experienced and talented clinicians. Using a local Winston-Salem lab increases the speed of the process, enables the doctors to discuss their vision with lab technicians who they know, and guarantees that the lab will use the strongest and most esthetic materials.

Our office never makes “one-size-fits” all dentures:

 We customize every aspect of the denture process to fit you! Our goal is to create a denture that is indistinguishable in appearance from beautiful, natural teeth.

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