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Protecting you during your dental visit

July 20, 2020
Posted By: Blake Nelson

For years, our office has taken steps to protect patients and team members from disease transmission during treatment.  You may see some of these measures in the reception area and the treatment areas, but it also takes place behind the scenes.


In the reception area: 

Coughing and sneezing can spread germs.  For this reason, we ask patients to wear a mask in the waiting area.  Our seating is arranged so all patients are at least six feet apart, and high-contact surfaces, such as furniture and door handles, are disinfected frequently.  Additionally, all patients will have their temperature taken upon entering the building.  

In the treatment area: 

Our personal protective equipment (PPE) protects our patients and our team members from the spread of germs.  This equipment includes gloves, masks, gowns, safety glasses, and face shields.  Most of these items are disposable and thrown away after each use.  Other areas, such as the dental chair, countertops, and keyboard are sterilized between patients.  

Behind the scenes: 

Some of the dental instruments, such as the tube used to suck saliva, are disposable and thrown away after each use.  All other dental instruments are thoroughly and carefully sterilized after each patient.  The water quality in the dental units is carefully monitored and treated to the same standards as drinking water.  

We continue to work to keep you safe:

Our top priority is to keep our patients safe while maintaining their oral health.  If you have any questions regarding our infection control policies, please call our office at (336)760-1277.

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