Emergency Dental Treatment in Winston-Salem

Offering Same-Day Emergency Treatment for All PatientsDr. Nelson with Therapy Dog in Winston Salem

Are you having a dental emergency or experiencing dental pain? We are passionate about helping. Please don’t hesitate to call (336) 760-1277 to schedule an appointment today.

Can I call your office with a dental emergency, even if I’ve never been seen at the office before? Can I be seen the same day as I call?

Yes, we will see emergency patients who are new to our office. We understand how uncomfortable and life-altering dental pain can be. Dr. Benton and Dr. Nelson are committed to helping all patients in the Winston-Salem and Piedmont Triad area. We will see all emergencies, even if you are not a patient of record at our office. 

Yes, we are happy to schedule a same-day emergency visit. We will rearrange our schedule so you can be seen on the same day that you call.


During your emergency visit, we will do everything in our power to: 

  • Relive your pain
  • Permanently resolve your cause of pain
  • Give you a cosmetic fix, so you can smile and talk with confidence

Dental pain, trauma, or infection can arise seemingly out of nowhere. Drs. Benton and Nelson are here to help you!  Our goal is to quickly determine the cause of the emergency, get you out of pain, and to present the best options to permanently your fix our issue

Examples of Emergency Dental Problems Zion National Park Highway

Temporary or Permanent Crown Fell Out (Debonded)

Save the crown and pieces: If your crown falls out, save the crown or crown pieces. Even if they cannot be put back in, they can assist our office in making a temporary crown

Schedule with our Winston-Salem office ASAP: Make an appointment as quickly as possible. Teeth can shift in a matter of days which can cause the crown not to fit and require adjustment

We will try to glue your old crown back on: Our office will do everything in our power to recement or rebond the crown back on the tooth. This is the best-case scenario as it is quick and cheap. 

If your old crown is not salvageable, we will make a new one. Sometimes decay is present underneath the crown or the tooth has fractured underneath the crown. In these cases, Drs. Benton or Nelson will determine if a new crown has to be fabricated or if the tooth is savable. You will be presented with treatment options and will be able to decide the best course of treatment for you with recommendations from Drs. Benton or Nelson.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

There are many causes of chipped teeth:

  • Trauma
  • Chewing habits
  • Ice
  • Nighttime grinding
  • Bad luck

We will give you the best treatment options. Drs. Benton and Nelson will diagnose the type of chip or fracture and advise you on the best treatment options.

 Possible treatment options of cracked or chipped teeth include:

  • Smoothing of the chip
  • Restoration with a tooth-colored filling or composite
  • Crown
  • Veneer

Pain from Cold Liquids or Hot Foods

Careful examination. Pain to hot or cold foods can mean many different things. Careful examination and testing will determine the cause and the best treatment for your teeth

Common causes of temperature sensitivity:

  • Bleaching or whitening: This process can often cause sensitivity and it will resolve with sensitivity toothpaste and different methods of whitening.
  • Tooth inflammation: Just like any other body part, the living part of the tooth can become inflamed. This can be caused by cavities or decay which can be treated by a filling or root canal therapy. It is important to call our office and be seen as quickly as possible because the inflammation and infection will continue to become worse. The earlier treatment is started, the faster, cheaper, and more conservative the treatment can be.

Trauma to the Face Has Repositioned, Moved, or Knocked Teeth Out

Come to the office ASAP: Call our office ASAP and place the tooth or tooth fragments in cold milk.

The sooner, the better: Immediate treatment in the dental office improves outcomes and increases the chances of saving the tooth.

Splinting of injured teeth: At our office, the teeth will be temporarily splinted (glued) together in a very simple process. This allows your body to heal the injured teeth in the appropriate location.

Temporary replacement of missing teeth: If the teeth cannot be saved, then our office will make you a temporary device that can restore your smile until the final treatment can begin.

What if I am nervous about getting all of this treatment done? I’ve been avoiding the dentist because I don’t like going!

Our office employs multiple techniques to help keep you at ease while in the dental chair.  We will discuss all of our options with you thoroughly so you can choose the best treatment for you. 

Most Effective, Pain-Free, and Up-to-Date Numbing Techniques Emergency Dental Room in Winston Salem

During any treatment, Drs. Nelson and Benton pride themselves on using state-of-the-art techniques to deliver painless numbing.  We utilize the latest and most effective techniques for anesthesia.  

Calming Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)  

For patients with anxiety, nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” will help eliminate nervousness and promote a more calm, tranquil state of mind. 

Stress-Free Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Nelson is one of the only general dentists in the Winston-Salem and Piedmont Triad area who is trained and licensed in all forms of sedation dentistry. Patients are always given the option to choose dental sedation during their procedures to guarantee a stress-free experience. In fact, most patients say that going to the dentist was never easier and that they have no memory of the procedure at all!

Can I afford to go to your office for my dental emergency?

We accept and file all dental insurance policies. Our office provides excellent care at an affordable price. We accept and file all dental insurance policies and will fight on your behalf so that you receive the maximum benefit.

Financial plans are available. We offer financing plans that allow you to fit your needs into your budget.

Discounts for patients without dental insurance (cash pay). We also offer discounts to patients without dental insurance or for those who prefer to pay in cash. 

How much does emergency dental treatment cost?*

Most emergency dental visits consist of an emergency dental exam and an x-ray taken of the problematic area.  If dental treatment is recommended, Dr. Nelson will discuss your options.  If you are visiting our office because of dental pain, a dental filling, dental crown, root canal, or extraction may be recommended.  

  • Emergency Dental Exam: $76
  • X-Ray: $30
  • Dental Filling: $171-343 (depending on size)
  • Dental Crown: $1258
  • Root Canal: $800-$1000 (depending on the front vs. back tooth)
  • Dental Extraction: $164-246 

*Fees are quoted from our office's January 2021 fee schedule and are subject to change.  Changes in fees are typically nominal (less than a 3% adjustment).