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How Sedation Dentistry Options Can Help You

November 26, 2021
Posted By: Benton & Nelson, DDS Staff

According to a 2017 study, dental anxiety—at varying levels—may affect almost 20 percent of the population. 

Too often, anxiety and phobias keep people out of the dental office, and the impact can be severe. Our sedation dentist in Winston-Salem, NC offers anxiety-free dentistry through a compassionate approach to patient care, coupled with dental sedation.

Forgoing dental care due to anxiety can have severe consequences—everything from premature tooth loss to systemic health complications involving the heart. And specific complications like gum disease have been linked to a host of medical issues.

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry in Winston-Salem, NC

Sedation dentistry is about more than dental anxiety; it is also ideal for patients undergoing multiple treatments during a single office visit. It is a way to get several dental health issues treated at the same appointment without stress.

Of course, dental sedation is always recommended for patients who have a dental phobia or general anxiety.

When the patient is sedated, depending on the level and type of medication, they may not recall much of their treatment, but in some cases, can still comply with instructions provided by the dentist.

Candidates for Dental Sedation

Dentists, like our Winston-Salem, NC dentist make sure sedation dentistry is the right option for each patient—this includes the type and level of sedation. A consultation before treatment may consist of health history and a list of current medications.

The dentist also talks to the patient to learn more about why they’re feeling anxious. This helps the dentist choose the sedation option that best fits the individual.

Why Patients Feel Anxious at the Dentist

Some patients feel anxious because they had a dental-related incident in the past that was frightening or painful. It can also be that a past dental or dental care professional was unkind. Still, other patients feel anxious out of embarrassment because they have neglected their teeth and gums for a prolonged period.

Other culprits for dental fear include anxiety stemming from something else—a general anxiety disorder, perhaps. Then there are those who feel nervous because they don’t know what to expect.

A dentist who knows the patient is feeling anxious and why can offer a lot of reassurance, letting the patient know that there will be no judgment. Additionally, the dentist can let the patient know what to expect through every part of their coming procedure.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry Through Dental Sedation

Dental sedation allows patients to reestablish dental care, even years after they stopped visiting the dentist.

Benton & Nelson, DDS – Family and Sedation Dentistry offers multiple options to help patients reclaim their oral health—sometimes using one or a combination of options for best results. And throughout treatment, patients are always closely monitored.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is an odorless and safe gas delivered through a nasal mask. This medication is typically safe for patients of all ages and has no lingering side effects following mask removal.

This type of dental sedation creates feelings of detachment, ease, and sleepiness. The patient is still aware that they’re getting treatment but are typically not concerned.

Oral Sedation

A dentist prescribes an anxiety-reducing medication before treatment. This may mean the patient has only partial recall of their dental procedure.

With oral sedation, the patient also needs another party to provide transportation. It is recommended that they not operate heavy machinery or make any important decisions until the following day.

Moderate or IV Sedation

This medication is delivered quickly through an IV, making it ideal for patients with multiple procedures or those who suffer severe dental phobia

With this method, the dentist can adjust the dose to accommodate the patient’s specific level of anxiety. With a higher dose, the patient will not recall their treatment at all.

As with oral sedation, the patient will need a friend or relative to provide transportation. They should not operate machinery. And the remainder of the day should be used to rest and recover with no critical decisions made.

Reclaiming Oral Health Through Sedation Dentistry in Winston-Salem, NC

Our sedation dentist encourages you to talk to us about your level of dental anxiety. Besides dental sedation, please tell us how we can make your visit relaxing and anxiety-free. Our goal is to make dentistry accessible to everyone.

Reach out to a compassionate team member today to reclaim your oral health.

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