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New Technology at Our Office to Minimize Radiation Exposure

June 22, 2020
Posted By: Blake Nelson

Our office is installing a new digital Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) system.  This machine will be able to take digital x-rays with a 70% reduced radiation exposure level when compared to conventional film radiographs. 

What type of x-rays can a CBCT take?

A CBCT x-ray can take panoramic radiographs, 3-D radiographs, and extra-oral bitewings radiographs.  

Panoramic Radiographs

  • Panoramic radiographs are x-ray images of the entire lower third of the face.  In this X-ray, the dentist is able to see all of the teeth (including the wisdom teeth), upper and lower jaw, and the sinuses.  In children, the panoramic radiograph can visualize the permanent teeth that are developing beneath the baby teeth. 


  • Why would I need a panoramic radiograph?
    • Panoramic radiographs are recommended every 3-5 years to evaluate the jaws, sinuses, and tooth roots.  In children and adolescents, the panoramic radiograph is used to evaluate growth and development of permanent teeth and wisdom teeth.   

3-D Radiographs 

  • 3-dimensional radiographs assess the entire anatomy of a focused area by taking a 3-D image.  In a 3-D radiograph, we can visualize the full anatomy of the tooth and surrounding bone.


  • Why would I need a 3-D radiograph?
    • 3-D radiographs are only recommended when the dentist need to closely examine a specific area, such as a dental implant or root canal site.

Extra-Oral Bitewings 

Bitewings are the traditional x-rays that the dentist takes to look for cavities forming between the teeth.  These x-rays requiring placing a digital sensor in the mouth and can sometimes cause gagging.  Extra-oral bitewings are taken by having the patient bite on a small straw with the front teeth and are very comfortable.

  • Why would I need extra-oral bitewings?
    • Extra-oral bitewings are a great replacement for traditional bitewings in patients with severe gag reflexes or when the roots of the teeth need to be assessed.  

To learn more about digital dental x-rays at our office, click here.  

-Dr. Nelson

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