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What is an alternative to a dental bridge?

Dental implants are an alternative to dental bridges 

Dental implants are another great alternative to replace missing teeth. Dr. Benton and Dr. Nelson will discuss which option they would recommend for your specific situation. They will help you decide the best treatment for your mouth and smile.

What are some advantages of dental bridges over implants?

Dental bridges are a faster treatment option: Dental bridges can be completed more quickly than implants in most cases. 

Some patients are not ideal candidates for dental implants. In situations where dental implants are contraindicated, a dental bridge is a better option. These patients include:

  • Younger patients (less than 21 years old) who are still growing
  • Patients who have had radiation or chemotherapy for oral cancer
  • Patients who have taken high-dose of bone drugs (bisphosphonates)
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