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Why are digital dental x-rays better tan traditional dental x-rays?

Digital dental x-rays are faster, more clear, and have less radiation than traditional dental x-rays.

Faster appointments: 

The digital x-rays are immediately available on the computer which saves time developing x-rays.

More comfortable:

Modern sensors are smaller and easier to use.

Higher resolution:

Our digital sensors are the top-of-the-line and have the best resolution available in the market. This allows Drs. Benton and Nelson to accurately diagnose any dental issue so that it is treated as early as possible. If a dental problem is detected early, then it is more likely to be treated by a faster, cheaper, and more comfortable treatment. An example would be finding a cavity early and fixing it with a filling instead of a root canal.

Patient engagement: 

Because the x-rays can be shown at full size on a computer monitor, Drs. Benton and Dr. Nelson are able to educate and engage you about your dental health

Less radiation:

Digital x-rays require less than half the radiation exposure that traditional dental x-rays use.  

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