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What are some signs and symptoms that I should have my wisdom teeth removed?

Signs such as pain, swelling, and soreness may be a sign that it's time to have your wisdom teeth removed


Persistent pain coming from one or both sides of the jaw behind your last visible molar.


Swelling in your lower jaw without any obvious cause may be an indication that it's time to have your wisdom teeth out.


Chronic soreness behind the last visible tooth that lasts for a few days then goes away only to come back a couple of months later.

Partial eruption: 

You can see part of your wisdom tooth poking through the gums, but it does not come in fully.


Your dentist tells you that your wisdom teeth are “impacted." This term means that your wisdom teeth will not come in normally because they are stuck in bone, against other teeth, or gum tissue.

Please visit our page on wisdom teeth to learn more! 

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