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What should I do if my dental crown has fallen off?

Temporary or Permanent Crown Fell Out (Debonded)

Save the crown and pieces: 

If your crown falls out, save the crown or crown pieces. Even if they cannot be put back in, they can assist our office in making a temporary crown

Schedule with our Winston-Salem office ASAP: 

Make an appointment as quickly as possible. Teeth can shift in a matter of days which can cause the crown not to fit and require adjustment

We will try to glue your old crown back on: 

Our office will do everything in our power to recement or rebond the crown back on the tooth. This is the best-case scenario as it is quick and cheap. 

If your old crown is not salvageable, we will make a new one. 

Sometimes decay is present underneath the crown or the tooth has fractured underneath the crown. In these cases, Drs. Benton or Nelson will determine if a new crown has to be fabricated or if the tooth is savable. You will be presented with treatment options and will be able to decide the best course of treatment for you with recommendations from Drs. Benton or Nelson.

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