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Does your dental office offer same-day crowns?

At this time, Dr. Nelson prefers to have his crowns made at our local Winston-Salem Dental lab, as their crowns are extremely esthetic and have a perfect fit.  

Some dental offices make same-day crowns using an in-office milling machine.  One advantage of same-day crowns is it saves the patient a visit.  At this time, Dr. Nelson prefers to send all of his crowns to our Winston-Salem based dental laboratory.  Though patients will need an additional office visit, we've found our lab-made crowns have excellent craftsmanship and superior esthetics.  An expertly trained, highly skilled, and experienced dental laboratory technician will customize your crown for your mouth.  Though in-office milling machines can also make quality crowns, Dr. Nelson tells his patients that he would want a lab-made crown for his own mouth and would want the same for his patients!

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