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What is the process of getting a dental bridge like?

You can have your dental bridge in two simple visits. 

After you have decided on dental bridge treatment after consultation with Drs. Benton or Nelson, the process usually takes two appointments. 

First visit: 

Readying the mouth for a dental bridge. During the first appointment, the teeth on either side are prepared to accept the bridge. The areas will be numbed so you are very comfortable during the procedure and a mold will be made of the area. A temporary bridge will then be fabricated and fitted to your mouth so that you can smile and chew with confidence while your bridge is being made at a dental lab. A skilled dental technician will then fabricate a dental bridge based on photos, shades, models, and instructions from our office. 

Second visit: 

Permanently place the dental bridge in your mouth. You will return for a quick and easy appointment where the temporary bridge will be removed and the final permanent dental bridge will be cemented. You will have an opportunity to view the final bridge in your mouth before it is cemented. 

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