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What is the process of getting a dental crown like?

The dental crown process requires two visits.  During your first appointment, the tooth will be shaped to allow the crown to fit.  Then, an impression (mold of your mouth) will be made.  Our office takes digital impressions, meaning no mess and no more gagging!  Instead of using the traditional impression trays with impression material, a small wand is used to scan your mouth and create a digital impression.  After the impression, Dr. Nelson will choose the perfect shade to match your tooth and send all of the information to our dental lab where an esthetic, customized crown will be fabricated.  

During your second appointment, the crown will be cemented.  After making sure the crown fits and matches your adjacent teeth perfectly, Dr. Nelson will use adhesive to permanently attach the crown to your natural tooth.  Then, we will check your bite and make any needing adjustments to ensure everything feels perfect.  

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