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Why would I need a tooth colored filling?

Your dentist may recommend a filling to fix a cavity, chip, or discoloration on your tooth

Dental decay: 

A tooth can decay due to many reasons. Dental decay is caused by bacteria that soften and weakens the tooth structure and can even create holes in teeth. Dental decay can be painlessly removed, and the missing tooth structure can be replaced with a tooth-colored filling. 

Chipped or missing tooth structure: 

If your teeth have been chipped, a tooth-colored filling can be placed to replace missing tooth structure. 

An old filling that has gone bad: 

With time, your existing fillings can chip, crack, or even have cavities form beneath them. Your dentist will examine your existing fillings and can replace them with new ones if indicated. 

We only use the best materials for our patients. Drs. Benton and Nelson use the top materials available to restore the shape, function, and color of teeth.

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