Benton & Nelson DDS

What is the wisdom tooth removal process like?

Scheduling the procedure: 

If Drs. Benton or Nelson determine that you could benefit from wisdom tooth extraction, it is recommended that you have the procedure either at our office or at an oral surgeon. Our office will work with you to schedule the procedure at the most convenient time. 

Painless numbing techniques and optional sedation: 

The area is numbed with local anesthesia.  Many patients will also elect be sedated for the wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Gentle removal: 

The tooth is gently removed. The site is then cleaned of all infected or inflamed tissue. The area is rinsed thoroughly with sterile saline to remove the most harmful bacteria that were residing close to the wisdom tooth.

Fast, easy recovery: 

You will recover with a customized healing protocol that includes antibiotics, pain medicine, and anti-inflammatory medicines.

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