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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Digital Dental X-Rays

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Digital Dental X-Rays

Only the lowest possible dose for our patients: Our modern Winston-Salem office utilizes digital x-rays to make your experience safer, faster, more efficient, and to ensure the lowest possible doses for you and your family.

Our office’s x-ray promise: Our office will only recommend the x-rays that are appropriate and absolutely necessary. For patients who rarely have dental issues, we will take less frequent x-rays than normal. Just like other medical screening procedures, patients have different risks and that is reflected in the x-rays that we prescribe.

Please visit our page on digital x-rays to learn more!

  • Less than old “film” dental x-rays: Digital x-rays have 50% less radiation than traditional film-based x-rays.
  • Less than a cross-country flight: A flight from Los Angeles to New York City has 40 times the radiation exposure than a single digital dental x-ray.
  • Less than a day on the earth: A single day of background radiation from living on the Earth is the equivalent of 2 digital dental x-rays.
  • Less than a bunch of bananas: Eating 50 bananas is equivalent to one digital dental x-ray.
  • Less than a chest x-ray: A medical chest x-ray is equivalent to 100 digital dental x-rays.
  • Less than a mammogram: A mammogram is equivalent to 800 dental x-rays.
  • Less than a medical CT scan: A full-body medical CT scan is equivalent to 6,000 digital dental x-rays.

Sugar and acids feed the cavity-causing bacteria. 

Cavities are caused by too much sugar and acid. Acid can slowly dissolve your teeth and make them weaker. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth which also produces acid to weaken the teeth.

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