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Why are dental implants the best option to replace my tooth?

June 8, 2021
Posted By: Blake Nelson

There are multiple options to consider when replacing a missing tooth.  Your dentist will likely discuss dental bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants.  Though all options are suitable, a dental implant is often the best option to replace your tooth.


Dental implants are esthetic and match natural teeth

Dental implants can be designed to match your teeth perfectly.  No one will ever suspect that the implant isn’t one of your natural teeth! 


Dental implants are permanent, non-removable solutions to missing teeth

Dental implants are a permanent solution to a missing tooth.  Unlike other treatment options, a dental implant will note need to be replaced over time.    In addition, a dental implant is fixed, meaning it cannot be taken in and out like a partial denture.


A dental implant does not affect the adjacent teeth

Dental implants do not affect the health of your adjacent teeth, unlike dental bridges, which require placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.


Are there any disadvantages to dental implants?

When compared to dental bridges, dental implants take longer.  While a dental bridge can be made within a few weeks, a dental implant typically takes months.  Dental implants also may not be recommended if the bone around the site of the implant is inadequate.  

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