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How can dental implants make my denture feel more like natural teeth?

May 3, 2021
Posted By: Blake Nelson

Some dentures can be frustrating because they feel bulky or become loose during eating and speaking.   One way to address these frustrations is with implant retained dentures.  By adding dental implants for support, your dentures can be made sleeker and more secure.  

What is an implant retained denture?

An implant retained denture or “overdenture” is a denture that snaps on to dental implants in your mouth to create a very secure fit.  Implant retained dentures stay in place all day, regardless of whether de you are eating, speaking, or smiling, and can be taken out in the evenings.  The patient can customize the implant retained denture just like a regular denture and choose the degree of force (pounds) required to snap the denture in and out.  

What is the advantage of an implant retained lower denture?

Lower dentures can be infamous for not staying in place, especially when compared to upper dentures.  Upgrading your lower denture to an implant retained denture completely fixed that issue.  When your lower denture snaps into place securely, you do not need to worry about it coming loose.  

What is the advantage of an implant retained upper denture?

In addition to a secure fit that doesn’t budge during your daily activities, an implant retained upper denture has the advantage of not covering the roof of the mouth.  In a regular denture, the entire roof of the mouth (palate) is covered with denture material to help make the denture more stable.  With implant retained upper dentures, the palate does not need to be covered.   

What is the process of having an implant retained overdenture like?

Having an implant retained denture made is very similar to having a regular denture.  The obvious difference is that the patient will need to have dental implants placed.  You can learn more about dental implants here.  After the implants are placed, Dr.  Nelson will need to customize the fit or your denture to be able to snap onto your implants.  

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