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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

March 23, 2022
Posted By: Benton & Nelson, DDS Team
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Whitening your teeth on your own with a store-bought kit or product is always a gamble. Is it safe? Are the ingredients too weak or disagreeable? But when you undergo professional teeth whitening in Winston-Salem, NC, you can count on a secure experience and predictable results.

Before teeth whitening with us, we ensure that the ingredients and methods are suitable for your teeth and gums. Then, we talk to you about what to expect and provide tips to help you maintain your results.

Professional Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry in Winston-Salem, NC

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry option that many patients ask for alone or as part of a smile makeover that can include options like veneers and tooth replacement.

If you decide to makeover your smile, we can work on a timeline that fits your schedule and budget. We also offer various financing options, including Lending Club programs.  

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Professional teeth whitening results can last for a few years, provided you follow a couple of simple guidelines.

  • Brush and floss twice daily or after every meal.
  • Avoid or reduce coffee, tea, bright sauces, and red wines.
  • Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking in all forms.
  • Talk to your doctor about medications that may stain your teeth.

Because our dental team provides you with custom whitening trays for home use, you can touch up your smile periodically to help maintain your results. And if you do indulge in tooth-staining foods, be sure to rinse your mouth afterward.

Schedule Your Consultation for Professional Teeth Whitening Today

If your consultation reveals that professional teeth whitening is safe, we often start you with teeth cleaning to help the product better penetrate your enamel. To learn more about our treatments or arrange your teeth whitening consultation, reach out to a helpful team member.

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