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What is the process of getting a root canal?

Careful Diagnosis

A root canal is only performed after careful diagnosis and examination of your tooth. Drs. Benton and Nelson will decide if root canal therapy is your best treatment option.

Painless Numbing Techniques

The tooth will be numbed with the most painless, effective, and up-to-date local anesthesia techniques. This will eliminate any tooth pain that you may be feeling and will allow the root canal therapy to take place comfortably. 

Removal of Any Existing Decay or Fractures

Any existing decay or fractures will be removed.

Gentle Cleaning and Rinsing  

When a tooth requires a root canal, the inner portion, the nerve, is infected with bacteria. These bacteria are the source of the pain and infection. The nerve chamber is thoroughly cleaned and the bacteria are removed with gentle instruments and rinsing.

Sealing Off of the Nerve Chamber to Prevent Future Infection  

The nerve chamber is sealed to prevent any additional bacterial growth. The root canal therapy is protected with a filling or crown to prevent any additional bacteria from your mouth entering the tooth.

Following Root Canal Treatment

You brush, floss and eat as normal with your restored tooth PAIN-FREE.

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