Dental Implants in Winston-Salem

What is a dental implant? Before and After Photos of Front Tooth Dental Implant in Winston Salem

A dental implant is a treatment to permanently replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. Dental implants very closely simulate natural teeth, and like natural teeth, they are held in by bone and are very esthetic and strong. 

How could I benefit from dental implants in Winston-Salem?

You could benefit from dental implants if any of the following applies to you:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Tired of keeping up with partial dentures
  • Trouble chewing food due to missing teeth
  • Failing dental bridge

What makes dental implants a great treatment option for me?

Dental implants are often the best treatment option when considering ways to replace a missing tooth (or teeth).  They have been placed by dentists for decades and have an extremely high success rates.  Unlike dentures and partials, dental implants are permanently placed in your mouth and can be used for chewing and speaking just like a natural tooth.  The dental implant is very esthetic and will custom-made to match your adjacent teeth.  

Dental implant placement in Winston-SalemThey have a very high success rate: Dental implants have a very high success rate of over 95%.

Permanent tooth replacement: Dental implants are a permanent restoration for single to multiple teeth.

Won’t come out: Dental implants will not come out when eating or talking.

You can chew again: You can chew anything with your dental implant that you can with natural teeth.

Maintain them just like your natural teeth: Dental implants require brushing and flossing, just like you would take care of your natural teeth.

Very esthetic: The crown (the part that is visible in the mouth) is made of the same tooth-colored material that dentists use for crowns or veneers and will match your natural teeth.

Can’t get cavities: Dental implants are made of high-quality materials that cannot get dental decay.

Protect adjacent tooth structures: Dental implants prevent the recession of natural bone and gum tissue.

Don’t need to treat adjacent teeth: Unlike dental bridges, dental implants don’t require modifications or treatment to your adjacent teeth.

How do I know if I am a candidate for dental implants? Before and after photos of dental implants on front tooth in Winston Salem at Benton and Nelson Dentistry

Have you always wondered if you could benefit from dental implants? You are only a few simple steps away from deciding if dental implants are the ideal treatment option for you!  Schedule a consultation with our doctors to discuss your treatment options today! 

Schedule a consultation

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Benton or Dr. Nelson at our Winston-Salem office. All treatment options will be explained to you after careful evaluation, diagnosis, and planning. 

Decide if a dental implant is the best choice for you

Our doctors will listen to your goals and customize a plan that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. After hearing all of your options, you can decide if a dental implant, or alternative treatment option, is best for you. 

What is the dental implant process like?

  • Dental examination: During a dental exam, Drs. Benton or Nelson will determine whether you would benefit from dental implants.
  • X-ray evaluation: Our doctors will carefully examine your teeth and x-rays. Only the latest, low-dose diagnostic tools will be used to evaluate your specific situation.
  • The dental implant procedure is modified to your circumstances:
    • If you have a failing tooth, then the tooth will be removed and bone grafted.
    • After a healing process, the dental implant will be placed.
    • A mold is then made so that the replacement tooth can be fabricated by an excellent Winston-Salem based dental laboratory technician.
    • The replacement tooth is attached to the implant in a painless process that does not require numbing.
    • The dental implant tooth can then be used to bite, eat your normal foods, and smile!

Will my dental implant look like my other teeth?

Drs. Benton and Nelson outside Winston-Salem Dental OfficeExperienced dentists who provide esthetic and comfortable care: Drs. Benton and Nelson are experts at restorative dentistry and implants. They have many years of experience at replacing missing teeth in the mouth.

The best materials at a local Winston-Salem dental lab: While dental implants can be made by labs anywhere in the world, Drs. Benton and Nelson work with a local lab right here in the Winston-Salem area. Using a local lab ensures Drs. Benton and Nelson that they have an experienced technician who they know, and guarantees that the lab will use the strongest and most esthetic materials.

What if I am nervous about getting a dental implant?

Are you nervous about getting a dental implant?  Our team are experts at helping ease nerves and making dental visits as comfortable as possible!

Most Effective, Pain-Free, and Up-to-Date Numbing Techniques

During any treatment, Drs. Nelson and Benton pride themselves on using state-of-the-art techniques to deliver painless numbing. We utilize the latest and most effective techniques for anesthesia.  

Calming Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

For patients with anxiety, nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” will help eliminate nervousness and promote a more calm, tranquil state of mind.

Stress-Free Sedation Dentistry  

Dr. Nelson is one of the only general dentists in the Winston-Salem and Piedmont Triad area who is trained and licensed in all forms of sedation dentistry. Patients are always given the option to choose dental sedation during their procedures to guarantee a stress-free experience. In fact, most patients say that going to the dentist was never easier and that they have no memory of the procedure at all!

How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost?

Our office accepts and files all dental insurance policies:  Dental implants are typically covered by dental insurance, and our office provides excellent care at an affordable price. We accept and file all dental insurance policies and will fight on your behalf so that you receive the maximum benefit.

Financial plans are available. We offer financing plans that allow you to fit your needs into your budget.

Discounts for patients without dental insurance (cash pay). We also offer discounts to patients without dental insurance or for those who prefer to pay in cash. 

Dental Implant Fees*

Each person's mouth is unique, and so is their dental implant treatment plan.  A dental implant placed at our office is $1838.  Your dental insurance should cover a portion of this fee, and our office will discuss your expected insurance benefits with you.  If you require additional treatment to prepare your mouth for the dental implant (such as a dental extraction or a bone graft), there is a fee for the additional procedures.  To find out a precise estimate, schedule a consultation!

  • Dental Implant: $1838
  • Dental Implant Crown: $1258
  • Custom Implant Abutment: $861
  • Dental Bone Graft: $368
  • Simple Dental Extraction: $164

Images of Dental Implants at Our Office

To see the smile gallery of dental implants placed at our office, click the link here.  


*Fees are quoted from our office's January 2021 fee schedule and are subject to change.  Changes in fees are typically nominal (less than a 3% adjustment).