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Why do missing teeth cause problems?

June 2, 2021
Posted By: Blake Nelson

What problems can missing teeth cause?

Missing teeth create gaps in your smile

The most obvious issue related to missing teeth is the cosmetic concern.  Missing teeth change the appearance of your smile and are often the first thing a person will notice about your face.

Missing teeth lead to a lack of face and lip support 

Your teeth support the surrounding facial structure (such as the lips and cheeks).  People who are missing teeth often have an unsupported or "sunken in" appearance in the areas where teeth are missing.

Missing teeth cause issues with your adjacent teeth 

When a person looses a tooth, the adjacent teeth often shift and change the patient's bite.  The opposing tooth will likely grow taller (hyper-erupt) and the adjacent teeth with tip into the missing tooth's space.  

Missing teeth lead to loss of jaw bone 

When a tooth goes missing, the bone that previously supported the tooth will atrophy with time.  To combat this loss, a bone graft may be suggested to preserve the bone.  

What can I do to replace my missing teeth?

Thankfully, there are many esthetic treatment options to replace missing teeth.  These options include dental implants, dental bridges, and, if you are missing many teeth, dentures.  Read more about these options under our services tab! 

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